Gardens Project and Story Corps

Over the past couple of years NCO and The Gardens Project has become a clearing house for food issues - and as a result of that we have come to meet some really great farmers, gardeners, food movers, food enthusiasts, and in general, some really inspirational people. Right here in Mendocino County. The local food movement in Mendocino County is strong and you all are doing some crazily innovative things here, and we really think that it needs to be documented- which is why we're so excited about being made a community partner with StoryCorps, a non-profit that documents peoples stories.

StoryCorps' mobile unit is in Ukiah until May 21st, and will be collecting peoples stories in their funky airstream trailer parked at Clay and School street (right across the street from the Farmers' Market - need I say more??) We have two slots left and we're looking to fill them up with people who are working to create a local food economy - which (in our opinion) includes pretty broad spectrum of people. If you are someone (or know someone!) who gardens in a community garden, a farmer, a pre-school teacher who incorporates food from the garden into the classroom, someone who advocates for healthy foods, someone who is donating land for a farm or garden, or someone who has a story to tell about food then contact us!

If you're interested in learning more about StoryCorps or want to book an appointment with them, contact them here.

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