Sharing The Bounty

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever fundraiser dinner, "Sharing The Bounty" last night. Together you helped The Gardens Project raise just a little over $9,500 dollars!

The evening started out with violin music by Mary Carnevale and Holly Fagen as well as appetizers which included green garlic crostini and tulip petals with chive cheese. Who knew you could eat tulip petals?! Then came a mixed green salad with Miner's lettuce wrap (we will never look at Miner's lettuce as a weed again..) where Mendocino Organics generously donated fresh baby chard and kale, and Green Uprising Farm at Blackberry Bend Farm donated baby salad greens. The main entree was lamb from Magruder Ranch in Potter Valley, or amaranth wrapped with chard from Nokomis and South Ukiah head start. The evening ended with a Meyer lemon curd made from Lemons from Dave's back yard, as well as Douglas Fir ice cream.

To say the least - we had a blast, and we hope you did too. The wine was great, the food was beautiful and tasty, and the company was the best!

Thank you to the staff at Patrona as well as Craig and Bridgette. Many of the staff donated their time to help with this event and Craig and Bridgette donated the space, their energy, and their time to make this event happen.

A huge thank you to Trinafour Cellars, Magnanimous Wine Group, Husch Vineyards, and Paul Dolan who supported us by donating wine. Thank you to Mendocino Organics, Green Uprising and Blackberry Bend Farm, Magruder Grass Feed Meats, Dave from Dave's bike shop, and Huckleberry Hollow Gardens who donated or contributed food for the meal.

And finally, we want to note that the a lot of the food for this event was grown locally in our community gardens! All the chard was from South Ukiah and Nokomis Head Starts, as well as the parsley and chives. About half of the green garlic came from Jack Simpson, the thinning vegetables came from Grace Lutheran, and the Kale came from Talmage.

And thank you again to everyone who is working to make Mendocino County a more healthy and self-reliant community.

For more photos of the event, click the link below:


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