Worm Bins at Local Preschools!

Worm bins were delivered last week to five Head Start Preschools: two in Willits, one in Lake County, and two in Ukiah. The inspiration for these worm bins came from a LifeLab Preschool Garden training that 25 Mendocino County preschool teachers attended in January, sponsored by The Gardens Project, First 5 Mendocino, and the Head Start Child Development Program of NCO. The worm bins were brought to fruition largely thanks to the advice, passion, and initial worm supply of Mendocino Master Gardener and worm-woman extraordinaire, Lydia Feltman.

The worm bins will provide an engaging interactive experience for preschool students to learn about the garden, small critters, and where their food scraps can go. Thanks to everyone involved for getting this little project going.

If you would like a worm bin in your home to dispose of your food scraps in an easy, sanitary, odor-free manner and produce excellent vermicompost for your house and garden plants, check out these resources on the web

or buy the excellent book on the subject, Worms Eat My Garbage, by Mary Applehoff and available at Mulligan Books in Ukiah, among other places.

yours truly,