United Way Day of Caring

Yesterday was the 19th annual United Way Day of Caring event, and with lots of help from some caring local volunteers we made things happen! With the help from employees from Fetzer Winery, and the Ukiah Valley Medical Center we were able to put in a wheel-chair accessible path at the Jack Simpson apartments. We were lucky enough to have 20 individuals help us accomplish making the path, and they were great!! The group was able to move a large pile of gravel from the parking lot into the garden, rake it out, and use the vibe plate to mush it all together. We were able to make a path around all the beds in under four hours!

The Plowshares Garden also had some great volunteers helping to pull out some tough bermuda grass and build the foundation of a potting shed adjacent to the garden, where vegetables will be washed, plants potted, and memories made. John Cunnan, a rockstar craftsman who has ventured into building with sustainably harvested Doug Fir trees that reduce fire hazard, led the team digging trenches, mixing cement, and carefully placing cinder blocks, all the meanwhile keeping the elegant structure to be in mind.

To see more pictures from the day, click here!!!

Thank you again to all the volunteers who came out yesterday, and for all the organizations for giving them the day off!!

Peas and Carrots-

The Gardens Project