Plowshares Garden's "Day of Caring" event

Plowshares garden is planning a volunteer workday on Wed, Sept 9th from 9am -noon on United Way's "Day of Caring". We will build a new potting shed with the help of master woodworker John Cunnan from Covelo. John will use "smart sticks", a term he uses for small Douglas fir saplings that he harvests, strips and makes into poles for building, for forest health and for fire safety. His project is to convince folks that fire safety can prove very lucrative and create beautiful structures. If we have enough willing help we will also clear Bermuda grass. To sign up for the "Day of Caring" workday, call 523-4485 x108, or go to

If you would like to volunteer for any other Plowshares garden projects, contact Julie Drucker, Plowshares Garden Coordinator, at 707-937-3671.