Thank you again! Your donation is vital in creating a sustainable and accessible local food system through garden development and expansion in Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Monthly Donation

This is the best way to fund a gardener in need. This donation will serve as a scholarship for a hopeful gardener to help cover the cost of participating in our program, which includes plot fees, water costs, seeds, soil, and anything else needed to keep a garden thriving. Check "make this a monthly donation" if you choose to donate!

One-time gift

This option is a great way to contribute to a specific ongoing project. This money will be dedicated to projects or items that are the most necessary, such as replacing a garden fence. We've outlined some examples of what your generous donation might translate to, but feel free to contact us to see what projects we're working on!

How is your donation used?

The NCO Gardens Project relies on tax-deductible contributions from donors like you to continue supporting community gardens and the families that garden in them. Our budgets are tighter than ever before, so your contribution has never been more timely.

Thanks for helping families in our community E.A.T. – Empower gardeners with leadership skills, create Access to new community garden spaces, and Teach everyone how to grow and eat their own healthy, fresh produce. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Do you have items or a service that you would like to donate? Please contact us here to see if it will come in handy.

Not sure what we might need? Here’s a list of current gardens and projects that are in need of some help!

  • We will always take donations of seeds, plant starts and functional tools
  • Highland Senior Center and St. Helena Hospital Clearlake Gardens need crushed road base gravel for wheelchair accessibility at a cost of $500 per garden
  • Fence and new greenhouse for Willits Community Garden

Please choose from the following donation amounts or choose your own amount.

Help us purchase a tool for a garden

Help us provide one garden with compost to keep their soil and plants healthy

Help us hold one workshop to teach 20 gardeners a new production skill

Help us build one new raised bed for wheelchair accessibility and “no bend” gardening

Help provide a stipend for one Garden Manager to attend a year –long Leadership Training