Community Gardens

The Calpine Community Garden was established in the summer of 2016, one year after the devastating Valley Fire tore through Middletown. The garden was built in the spring of 2017 on a vacant lot generously leased to the Gardens Project by the Calpine Corporation for free. A three year grant from the CalpineCorporation has aided in garden construction, local art installations and will be used to fund the gardens water use. The garden consists of 30 plots, and in addition to fresh food the garden will provide a safe, healing space for fire survivors and an avenue to begin rebuilding the Middletown Community.


10,880 sq feet
12 raised beds
24 in ground plots


carrots, cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, onions, roses, tomatoes, tulips, squash, strawberries, zinnias, zucchini

Want a garden plot?

Email Ava at the Gardens Project or call 707-994-4647 ext.131

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