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Let's E.A.T. - Join our crowd funding effort!

Hi Lets E.A.T. Current and Future Supporters!

May 4th 2016 Update:
We've just spent the month of April focused on raising $20,000 for the future work of the Gardens Project! To date, we've raised $16,000 to Empower families, create Acess to new community gardens, and Teach everyone how to grow food. 
By popular demand, we are extending our campaign into May and will keep our Generosity fundraising page up for those who didn't have a chance to put in their donations yet.
If you haven't contributed yet, community gardeners need your support! Every donation helps us Empower families to design and mange gardens, create Access to new land, and Teach people in our community to grow food.
So, Lets E.A.T. and empower community, one garden at a time! 

New Community Garden in Boonville!