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Let's E.A.T. - Join our crowd funding effort!

Hi Lets E.A.T. Current and Future Supporters!

Great News - We're two weeks into our campaign and with over 40 donations and 135 Facebook shares we're over 50% to reaching our goal! Since our campaign went live we have been truly in awe of the support we've received so far. Thank, thank you, thank you!
With 17 days left, we STILL have $8,000 to raise. if you've donated, that's great! And now, we'd like YOU to spread the word. We're asking each of our supporters to share the campaign by telling 3 other people why they donate, too.
If you haven't contributed yet, community gardeners need your support! Every donation helps us Empower families to design and mange gardens, create Access to new land, and Teach people in our community to grow food.
So, Lets E.A.T. and empower community, one garden at a time! 

What do you want to do?

  • Want a plot in a community garden? 
  • Want to start a new school or community based garden? 
  • Need to find out how to get involved in helping our region be food secure and improve access to healthy, local food in our communities, schools, and businesses?
  • Want to find out about upcoming EVENTS? Click here 

Grow Food    Start a Garden    Eat Healthy    Farm2Fork    Get Fresh   B.E.A.N.S.   Food Policy Council   Preschool Gardens 


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Check out the Mendocino County Local Food Guide which has information on what to plant and when, local farms, seed saving, educational opportunities, community and school gardens, farmers' markets, and much, much more!  


Thank you Fetzer!

Fetzer Vineyards has partnered with the Gardens Project to donate 5% of their Community Wine Sale Proceeds to community garden development. Community Wine Sales are held at Fetzer in Hopland every other month during the year. We are grateful for this new partnership that will provide funding for garden projects throughout the year!

Wine Sale taking place until April 23rd! Email 

 if you'd like to order.  

Instructions are all here.

Upcoming Events:

A sale you won't want to miss...Mendocino College's Spring Plant Sale!
The funds from this event are used to pay for the plant and potting materials, repairs and improvements to the grounds and structures, and for student labor at the Mendocino College Agriculture Department Greenhouses and Gardens training facility.
BONUS-You score some plant starts to get your garden growin' for the Spring.
Want a reminder? Join the event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/121345851601321/
We'll see you there!

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