Happy Fifth Anniversary Gardens Project of NCO!

This week marks 5 years of building community, health, and resilience with The Gardens Project of North Coast Opportunities' Community Action Agency. With the tremendous support of you, our community, we have accomplished so much:
  • 24 New Gardens - comprising a diverse mix of 6 Head Start and State Preschool Gardens, 3 elementary school and youth gardens, 7 community gardens, 3 tribal gardens, 4 family and senior apartment gardens, and the Plowshares Peace and Justice Garden.
  • A Gardens Network supporting 68 school and community gardens in Mendocino County
  • A vibrant corps of new community leaders, transforming our landscape, our eating habits, and our economy.
What do these numbers represent? A culture shift of long lasting impact. In the month of June, we developed 4 new gardens in Ukiah (2 community gardens with 81 plots and 2 apartment gardens with 35 plots). Within weeks, all the community garden plots were taken and now have waiting lists. There is a literal unmet hunger to reconnect to community and food production in our county.

What are our next steps? Become obsolete! We are completing Year One of three of our Garden Leadership Training series. A burgeoning Leadership Council of Community and School Gardens is preparing itself to lead the Community and School Garden Movement to sustain and expand our work. Learn more about these leaders in Garden Leaders Rising!

Join The Gardens Project in our anniversary celebration of Mendocino County's Community and School Garden Movement. Step into a garden, meet the gardeners, start a garden, support garden development and donate!

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