Some Egg-ceptional Egg Ideas!

Pickled Eggs just a

Since Easter is coming up this weekend here are a few egg-cellent ways to spruce up hard boiled eggs and incorporate some vegetables!

We love this first recipe because you get two things for one recipe - pickled beets and beautifully dyed pickled eggs! To make the eggs even more special you could devil the eggs after pickling them - my personal favorite way to enjoy hard-boiled eggs.

pickled eggs with beets taste of homeP.C.: Taste of Home

Pickled Eggs with Beets

Another fun thing to do is to dye eggs with vegetables. Many of the vegetables parts we usually throw away can be used to dye things naturally. Onion skins for example can dye egg shells yellow, orange or brown, and dyeing eggs, or using onion skin to make vegetable stock are both great ways to make sure that none of the vegetable goes to waste! To make different shapes on the egg you could go on a nature walk and pick wildflowers and different fun-shaped plants to press onto the egg with pantyhose. The video below does a great job of showing how to dye eggs naturally for a beautiful result!

Have an Egg-cellent day!

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