Spring Recipes

Hey Gardeners!

Here at the Gardens Project we are getting excited for cooking with spring vegetables. Although at the supermarket you can buy most vegetables year round, we love to cook in season - it's not only cheaper but the veggies taste better! To me, spring always means a bounty of fresh produce, from tasty greens to spicy radishes.

Currently here in California we are at the tail end of citrus season so it's a great time to enjoy lemons and oranges at their peak!

Citrus is also really good for you! I always eat citrus to get a boost of vitamin C when I feel like I might be getting sick to give my immune system a good boost. Another great thing about lemons is that you can use the peel to flavor cakes, breads and even pasta to give it a bright, summery taste.

Here are a few spring vegetable recipes that celebrate citrus:

Spring Asparagus Salad PC: feasting at home

Spring Asparagus Salad from Feasting at Home

This is a great, filling springtime salad with lemon, feta cheese, couscous and asparagus.

Spring Veg and lemon broth from Olive Magazine

Spring Veg and Lemon Broth Pasta

This is a quick and delicious springtime dinner!

Orange honey champagne vinegar dressing

Orange Honey Champagne Vinegar Dressing

This dressing makes salads exciting and bright. You could also incorporate oranges into your salad by putting in slices. I always think feta cheese and oranges on a salad make it more tasty and exciting to eat.

Happy Cooking!

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