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Radishes are fantastic spring vegetables! Radishes are great to grow with kids because they grow quickly and are beautiful and rewarding to harvest. For years I did not think that I liked radishes because my family didn't eat them at home, it wasn't until I left for college that radishes became a regular part of my spring time diet. Now radishes are some of my very favorite vegetables! There are so many different ways to use radishes in cooking, and they are easy to add to meal-time regulars by tossing them into a side salad or quickly roasting them in the oven for a tasty side dish. For the more adventurous eaters radish greens can be eaten in salads or used in pesto. Here are a few rad recipes that highlight radishes:

Braised Radishes with Shallots and Bacon from thekitchn

Braised Radishes with Bacon

This yummy recipe defies how most people think radishes should be eaten. I had radishes roasted for the first time about a year ago and I've been hooked ever since. You can make the radishes savory by roasting with salt, pepper and garlic or you can make them sweet by roasting with butter and salt and topping with brown butter.

Radish Salad

For radish-lovers who enjoy radishes raw try this radish salad or a yummy watermelon radish salad with citrus dressing!

Finally for the adventurous eater here is a recipe for Radish Pesto!

Radish Pesto from Attainable Sustainable

How do you like to eat radishes?

Happy Cooking!

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