Strides Made at the Middletown Community Garden

For the past year we have been working to put in a community garden in Middletown with the generous help of Calpine Corporation. We are finally on the final stretch with hopes to be completely done by early June. We were featured last week in the Lake County Record Bee!

To read the rest of the article click here!

Since the article came out we have made more strides toward finishing the garden - with the help of the California Conservation Corps we built 5 raised beds on Friday, May 26th. Other exciting developments are that the irrigation is in the ground, working, and the ditches have been filled with sand to keep the pipes safe, and then dirt to make the ground safe and level again. Here at the Gardens Project we are so excited to see this garden in the final push!

We have a volunteer day for building more raised beds and finishing the fence this Friday, June 2nd from 10-4 pm! For more information click here.

Happy Gardening!

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