Summer bounty

Here we are, in the middle of summer! This means sunshine, long days, a bounty of produce from our gardens. For most of us, this turns into a surplus of certain veggies, so here are some creative uses for those summer bumper crop varieties.


A plentiful summer crop, this can include all kinds of squash like butternut, calabaza, and zucchini. It can be added in for texture, or be the main affair!

"Green Goddess" Zucchini Noodles

Spaghetti Squash with almonds


Whether it's snap beans, green beans, or lima beans, these tasty legumes come in quite a few varieties. Here are some to try!

Garlic Pole Beans

Butter Cranberry Green Beans


Last but not least, it's everyone's favorite poster-vegetable (or fruit, depending on who you ask!) Almost everyone has got some variety of tomato growing in their summer garden. Here are some ideas of what to do what them.

Honey-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato fritters

You can also consider setting up a stand at your local farmers market or donating your produce to friends or to your local food bank. However you decide to use your extra summer produce, keep on growin'!

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