How to Combat Aphids

You know when you wake up in the morning and step out into your garden and BAM! Your amazing chard looks like Swiss cheese with a

colony of little bitty sized bugs munching away. These bugs are known most commonly as Aphids. Did you know that Aphids are monogamous, they typically will only eat one type of plant in their short lifetime, their young will also feed on that particular plant.

So, you ask yourself, WHAT?!? can I do to combat these little munch machines?
Here at the River School Garden Project we are very conscience about using any type of pesticide on our plants. So, we came up with an Earth friendly alternative that is very effective.
So grab an empty spray bottle and follow the recipe below:
5 tbsp Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap
3 tbsp Cayenne Pepper
Fill spray bottle with warm water.

Now fully armed your are ready to go back out into your garden and spray those aphids at Dusk. This way the water droplets on your leaves won't get burned by the Sun.

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