Beached Whale has a Future as Compost

When a beached blue whale washed up on the shores of Fort Bragg, its disposal became a pressing issue. How to deal with a rotting, incredibly smelly, 50 ton creature? And how to respect the majesty and legacy of such a creature in its disposal?

Our friend, Martin Mileck, over at Cold Creek Compost had the answer - compost it! The initial plan was to send the whale to the landfill, but Martin fought to have it composted instead. And we, at The Gardens Project, greatly appreciate his efforts. It seems only fitting to honor this majestic creature by turning it into top-notch soil that will nurture gardens and farms around Mendocino County, instead of removing it from natural cycles and letting it go to waste in a landfill.

In order to get the body of the whale, Martin had to agree to donate an equal amount of compost in the upcoming year. Martin is already very generous with his compost and has donated many yards of the delicious, stinking stuff to The Gardens Project, but maybe now we can expect a little more. A blue whale more. Thanks, Martin! And thanks to you, blue whale! Many thanks. Long may you roam.

Click here to read the article in the Ukiah Daily Journal.

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