October is the Month to Combat Star Thistle

Dizzle Star Thistle

The Star Thistle migrated to California from Chile in contaminated alfalfa seed. Today it is said that Star Thistle has spread over 15 million acres in California. It is in 56 out of 58 counties. Human activities spread the seeds the most. The seeds can be carried up to 16 feet by the wind. Star Thistle also has a very long tap root and soaks up much of the soils water. It takes 21 days for Star Thistle to start it's germination process. They are most active from May to September. Leaving October the time to get out there and get rid of them. There are two ways to get rid of this pesky plant, the first is by mowing and then picking up the debris and the second is manual removal.

Submitted by: MCOE Youth Garden (E.J)

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