Mendocino County is located in coastal Northern California about 2 hours from the Bay Area and just north of Sonoma County. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean inland to the high peaks of the Mendocino National Forest and is known for its stunning coastal views, towering redwood forests and relaxed atmosphere. As far as gardening goes, Mendocino can grow it all thanks to its varied microclimates. Cool ocean breezes and foggy summer days make for excellent greens and cool season crops all year long whereas the hot, dry temperatures of the inland valleys produce excellent tomatoes, peppers and melons.

The Gardens Project was founded in Ukiah, Mendocino’s largest city, in 2007 and you will find our oldest and most developed gardens here. Since our founding, we have built 45+ community gardens in Mendocino thanks to a combination of grants and private donations, and continue to facilitate a growing network of support for school and community gardens throughout the region. Senior apartments, preschools, churches, a jail and even a few former parking lots all have gardens. Check ‘em out here!

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